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Dental Exams & Teeth Cleaning Houston TX

At your initial dental visit, Dr. Deborah Chung will perform a thorough exam. We always include all of the following when you stop by for your regular check up:

  • X-rays: This is a good way to detect tooth decay, tumors, and cysts, as well as to monitor bone loss.
  • Teeth Exam: We use special dental instruments that check for decay on all tooth surfaces.
  • Oral Cancer Screening: We check your gums, tongue, throat, lips, tissues, neck and face for any signs of oral cancer.
  • Restoration Exam:  We also check any restorations from previous dental work.  This is a good way for us to know if your crowns or fillings need to be replaced.

Exams + X-rays + Teeth Cleaning
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Professional Teeth Cleaning Houston TX

Not only do we exam your teeth thoroughly but we also provide a professional teeth cleaning. Our teeth cleanings include the following:

  • Plaque Removal: Plaque is the build-up of saliva, food debris and living bacteria that forms on the teeth. This bacteria may produce toxins that cause your gums to become inflamed.  This is how periodontal disease begins so it is important that any plaque you have is removed from your teeth.
  • Tartar Removal: When plaque hardens in becomes tartar.  Tartar becomes firmly attached to your teeth. It can exist both above and below the gum line. Dr. Deborah Chung uses special dental instruments in order to remove the tartar from your teeth.
  • Teeth Polishing: Any stain and plaque not removed during the teeth cleaning process is removed at this time.

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Exams + X-rays + Teeth Cleaning
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